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Generali Sport Arena – Once in awhile a team runs into an opponent that they have no chance to defeat.  The key is not to expect a victory, but to gauge where you are as a team.

If Generali Haching look at the final score against Italian giants Macerata, then one may assume that they failed miserably.  However, those in attendance saw a valiant effort for Haching that just wasn’t enough.

Macerata served and blocked their way to a 3-0 (25-20, 26-24, 25-19 ) sweep against Haching in the CEV Champions League Pool D.

In each set, Macerata took a lead by the second technical timeout, looking like they would easily win the set.  But Haching were resilient, fighting, nay clawing their way back with mini-runs to climb back in.  However, timely errors on their side without an effective attack prevented any chance.

The first set started off with both clubs throwing some early punches, giving the 1,100 in attendance a feel of the five-set classic.  Macerata put together points thanks to kills by Sasa Starovic and Simone Parodi and forced Haching coach to call timeouts down 15-11 and 20-15 to prevent the set from getting away.  Christian Dünnes and Alexandar Shafranovich scored points but Macerata held on for the 25-20 set win.

Sasa Starovic was the leading scorer in the match, able to get around the Haching block. Photo: Sport Eagle / S. Sperduto

If there was a chance for Haching to get back in the match, it was the second set.  Macerata jumped out to early 8-4 and 16-12 leads at the technical timeouts.  Starovic, Parodi and Ivan Zaytsev were racking up the kills and looking to finish off the set.  At 20-16, Haching’s scrambling left on open corner but Starovic’s ball fell out and renewed Haching.

Points by Dünnes and blocks by Konstantin Shumov and the smaller Patrick Steuerwald were key during a run that led to a 24-24 tie.  Macerata, despite reeling, were able to get the final two points and win the set 26-24.

Haching were spent and they played as such in the beginning of the third, falling behind 8-2.  Shafranovich’s attack started to yield points, combined with errors from Macerata’s side allowed Haching to tie up the set at 15-15.  But another 8-2 run by the Italians shut down their host’s vain attempt, winning 25-19.

Sasa Starovic led all players with 15 points, while Ivan Zaytsev and Simone Parodi both added 8 points for the Italians.  Christian Dünnes (13 pts) and Matias Raymaekers (9 pts) were Haching’s main scorers, but their low efficiency (43%) and lack of timing did them in.

Christian Dünnes got his points, but most of the time faced the Macerata wall of defense. Photo: Sport Eagle / S. Sperduto

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Macerata have not dropped a set so far in Champions League play, leading the pool with 3 wins and 9-0 in sets.  Haching lost its first match, sit 2-1 (6-6 sets) but hold on to 2nd place at the moment.

The two clubs will match up against next week at the Palazzetto dello Sport Fontescodella.  Haching will try to survive this match, but will focus on their final two matches in the group and aim to move further in the tournament as the group’s second place team.

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2013 CEV Champions League Pool D

1. Macerata            3-0  9pts
2. Haching              3-0  5pts
3. ACH Ljubljana  1-2  4pts
4. Asse-Lennik     0-3  0pts

Next matches:

Nov 21 Macerata vs. Haching
Nov 21 Asse-Lennik vs. ACH Ljubljana
Dec 5  ACH Ljubljana vs. Macerata
Dec 5  Asse-Lennik vs. Haching
Dec 12 Haching vs. ACH Ljubljana
Dec 12 Macerata vs. Asse-Lennik 


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