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Odeonsplatz, Munich, June 5 – Citizens of Munich were treated to a taste of what London will experience later this summer as the Jump and Fly 2012 event set up shop in the middle of the city and showcased international athletes.

Sport Eagle Jump and Fly Munich 2012, June 5th

Unlike watching the Olympic games in a huge stadium, fans were up close and personal with the athletes, standing meters away from the track as pole vaulters and long jumpers sped by and completed each attempt.

Earlier in the afternoon, U-20 long jumpers and U-23 pole vaulters from the Bavaria region opened up the event.  Fans were able to see the future of German Olympic athletes.

Then in primetime, international stars and Olympic medal winners took center stage as Odeonsplatz filled up, close to 2,000 onlookers were hoping to see a pole vaulting showdown between gold medal winner from the Beijing 2008 games, Steven Hooker from Australia, and German record holder Tim Lobinger.

Steven Hooker went up but came crashing down and did not make podium. Photo: Sperduto

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The two were unable to qualify for the finals, but instead German Malte Mohr, who trains with Lobinger, stole the show winning the overall event.  Mohr will hope to continue his good form as the German Olympic trails will take place later this summer.  Steven Lewis will represent Great Britain in the Olympics and he finished third.

The men’s long jump was dominated by Mauro da Silva who got his career best with an 8.11 meter jump and was the crowd favorite, showing off his Brazilian flair while running down the track.  The Russians dominated the ladies’ long jump, Elena Sokolova and Yulia Pidluzhnaja finished first and third.

Mauro da Silva almost jumped across to Leopoldstrasse in winning the Men’s Long Jump. Photo: Sperduto

Final Results

Men’s Pole Vault

1. Malte Mohr, GER
2. Igor Pavlov, RUS
3. Steven Lewis, GBR

Women’s Long Jump

1. Elena Sokolova, RUS
2. Irene Pusterla, SWI
2. Yulia Pidluzhnaja, RUS

Men’s Long Jump

1. Mauro da Silva, BRA
2. Zack Visser, RSA
3. Oliver Koenig, GER

U20 Pole Vault


1. Salome Schlemer, TSV Bad Endorf
2. Franziska Heiss, TSV Gräfelfing
3. Mona Sitte, TSV Gräfelfing


1. Tom Bechert, LG TELIS FINANZ Regensburg
2. Lucas Schwaiblmair, LG TELIS FINANZ Regensburg
3. Daniel Jeske, TSV Gräfelfing

U23 Long Jump


1. Kristina Fister, 1.FC Passau
2. Jessica Bernado, LAC Quelle Fürth
3. Maria-Lisa Michalskz, LG Sempt


1. Maximilian Entholzner, 1.FC Passau
2. Dimitri Antonov, LAC Quelle Fürth
3. Marcel Fleischer, 1.FC Passau


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