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Post Palace, Munich, March 4 – Women’s kick boxing champion, Dr. Christine Theiss had to endure a tough test Friday night against Olja Zerajic to keep hold of her belt.

This wasn’t due to the skill set or strength that Bosnian fighter possessed, it was her opponent’s steely determination to last the ten rounds distance.

At the first bell Theiss tried to take the centre of the ring, however Zerajic was standing firm. In round number two, they both threw a kick simultaneously and clashed shins, this caused light bleeding from Theiss and a slightly larger wound on Zerajic but it didn’t seem to faze either fighter.

At the midway point, Theiss started to dominate the fight, and it looked like she may get an unexpected stoppage. This was because the fitness and flow of punches from the champion became more explosive. Zerajic didn’t have time to take a breath. The fight wouldn’t finish here and it went into the 9th and 10th.

At this stage it appeared Theiss would be happy to win on points, she had easily done enough to win, although her opponent had given as much as she could.

The champion clearly won on points. Theiss is now unbeaten in 35 fights and takes her record as champion to 19-0.

Lion Quick

The Cameroon native Willy “the Lion” now fighting from Germany, took on the Romanian Florin Vintilla in K1 Thai boxing, it was the first of the main fights of the night. Willy came into the fight with the better record; however he was under no illusion that the fight would be an easy one.

On entering the arena, Willy played up to his moniker wearing a king of the lion mask. At this stage he seemed very jovial and full of fun but the moment he stepped through the ropes, his demeanour changed. Now he had the fierce look of an undefeated fighter that was ready to go to war.  The stare down said it all:  both men were ready to rip the soul from each other.

At the first bell, we finally saw some technique for the first time of the evening. Willy took the centre of the ring and seemed happy to look at the style of Vintilla, throwing a few faints to see how the Romanian moved. It appeared that The Lion was expecting a really tough battle. Then after two minutes of round one, the German started to throw punch combinations and kicks (his legs strikes were so powerful, it echoed like a jack hammer hitting wood).

Suddenly the Romanian looked out of his depths, Willy pressed forward and threw a viscous left leg kick to the body with only two seconds of the first round remaining, this floored Florin. It was clear from the moment the Romanian hit the deck, he wouldn’t be getting up within the count of ten, and not only did he fail to make it back to his feet, he was still in a heap after 30 seconds.

Finally the night had produced a KO, it was completely unexpected, especially because it was from a body kick, but when you posses kicks as powerful as Willy you can understand why. The Cameroon native stays unbeaten and now looks forward to fighting for titles.

Fist of Endurance

The final fight from the main card, was the most intriguing. Mighty Mo from the USA versus Florian “Fist” Pavic from Germany, I named the fight “Old Pro versus Young Pretender”.

Both fighters entered the ring and their appearances couldn’t be more contrasting. Mo looked experienced and he was physically as wide in stature as he was tall, however Pavic being the younger and more athletic fighter entered the ring looking like a natural athlete for any sport. At the face off before the first bell, it was very clear that Pavic would have a far superior reach advantage and he stood approximately 8cm taller than the American. This would mean that Mo would have to get in close to make this a real fight and have any chance of victory.

At the start of this five round contest, the undefeated German made it clear what his tactics were, wear the American down and then start to attack in later rounds, although it appeared that Mo hadn’t read the script and he started the 1st round by throwing big heavy shots to try and break the Germans guard, it seemed to unsettle Pavic but at the end of round one, Mo looked exhausted.

Going into round two it appeared that Mo would be at Pavic’s mercy but the American kept coming forward, throwing bigger and bigger shots. This meant that for the second round in succession Florian would have to cover up and await his opportunity; neither guy seemed troubled, although Mo looked like he had lead weights tied to his ankles. In round 3, Pavic started to throw a few leg kicks but Mo’s reactions were incredible and the American managed to block everyone.

Then the game started to change, Pavic started to move more freely using his superior reach advantage, throwing stiff left jabs at his opponent. The American responded with a few weak leg kicks and it proved to Pavic that he had worked on the perfect strategy to beat Mo. This was similar in round four, the German kept moving and making it difficult for the American to attack.

Going into the final round, it appeared that each man had won two rounds and the 5th would decide the fate of this kickboxing bout. Incredibly both men looked like they had nothing left at this stage. The Pavic strategy worked but took its toll on the younger man, who had continuously moved for the first four rounds to keep out of Mo’s range. The German was trying hard to throw combinations to unsettle the American but Mo was not going to be stopped, however Pavic did look the busier of the two fighters during the 5th round, then the bell sounded to confirm the fight was in the judges hands.

It certainly was the fight of the night, Mo was breathing very heavily with a slight cut above his left eye and Pavic looked dead on his feet and his corner men had to keep him up right. The master of ceremonies announced Pavic had won via unanimous decision. The young pretender kept hold of his undefeated record but it certainly appeared much, much harder than he expected.

After the fight, Pavic was able to answer a few questions but he said,  “I’m too exhausted to speak English”. Therefore we made the interview short and sweet, we asked Pavic if he was happy with the performance.  “I knew I would have to keep moving, Mo is very strong and I intended to wear him out. I thought the first round was close but i won the remaining four rounds.”

Then I asked what challenge was next for the undefeated German, he responded “nothing at the moment, I am going on holiday for two weeks and will look at my options when I return, I will fight anyone.”



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