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Steko’s Sportcenter, Munich, March 2 – Time has come for one of the most eagerly anticipated martial arts fight nights to be held outside of the USA in years.  Steko’s Fight Night will take place tonight at the Postpalast with a star-studded main event and an exciting undercard.

The attraction is none other than Munich’s very own dominant world kickboxing champion, Dr. Christine Theiss.

She will fight a late replacement in Olja Zerajic at 60kg.  Theiss was due to fight Britain’s Natalie Bee, however Bee had to pull out after her mother fell into a coma after a serious car accident.

“I understand that Natalie does not want to fight under these circumstances,” sympathizes Theiss.  “A mother is more important than any world title fight.”

Bee would have been a challenge, as she currently holds six titles.  Zerajic is no slouch, with an undefeated record after 20 fights, five of which came by knockout (KO).  The Bosnian holds the WAKO Featherweight and Super Lightweight Championship belts.

“This fighter is coming to Germany in order to get Chris’ WKA Belt.  This will be one tough fight for Christine,” admitted Theiss’ trainer and manager Mladen Steko.

Theiss, who studied and now lives and trains in the Bavarian capital, is known as the most successful professional kickboxer of all time.  She has a record of 33 wins and only one draw. 15 wins coming by KO and this will be her 19th world champion defense.  One would be crazy to bet against the charismatic and focused Theiss in her home city and country.

“I train hard to fight the best fighters in the world, whether it’s Natalie Bee or Zerajic.  I am prepared,” promised Theiss.

In the undercard, Cameroon native, Willy “The Lion” will fight Romanian Florin Vintilla in the 76kg Thai Boxing contest. Willy is fast becoming one of the most feared fighters throughout the world with a fantastic record of 25 wins, 1 draw and zero losses and 15 wins by way of KO.  Vintilla has more fight experience with 52 wins, 9 losses and 1 draw, 15 wins also by KO.

“I’m a German citizen now but thanks to my Cameroon roots, I’m fearless like a lion,” explained Willy about his moniker.  “It will be an intense fight.  My opponent is strong… the fight will be like between two lions, but one lion will win.  And I will win for my homeland.”

The final fight of the main event will be a super heavyweight (over 95 kg) kickboxing fight between Mighty Mo from the USA and Florian “Fist” Pavic from Munich.

People are calling this “the Old Pro vs. the Young Pretender”.  At 41 years young, Mo has won numerous K1 events throughout the world and certainly holds the cards regarding experience. His record stands at 55 wins, 14 losses and 1 draw, 13 wins by KO.

The big question is – how much longer can Mo compete at this level against a younger, taller, more athletic fighter in Pavic?  Fist is an undefeated world champion with his whole future ahead. He turns 26 years old next week and has a record of 26 wins and 1 draw, 12 of which have come by KO.  Pavic will not want to lose at any cost.

“It’s a good challenge for both of us and I will test Pavic’s chin,” predicts Mo.  Pavic responded with, “I have a good guard, you will have to get through that.”

Fight Night in Munich Friday promises to be an explosive one!

Editor’s Note:  Sport Eagle will have reporters Craig White and Tony Mayger live at Steko’s Fight Night.  You can follow them as they go at it on Twitter @Craig_SportEagle and @Tony_SportEagle respectively.

Steko’s Fight Night, March 2, 2012

Super Fight (3 rounds – 3 min. each) Middleweight
Joan Lique Canaveral (COL) vs. Costi Ion (ROM)

Super Fight (3 rounds – 3 min. each) Thai Boxing Super Middleweight
Willy “The Lion” (GER) vs.  Florin Vintilla (ROM)
WKA ProAM World Champ / WKN European Champion

WKA World Championship (5 rounds – 3 min. each) Kickboxing Middleweight
Semen Poskotin (GER) vs. Pavol Garaj (SVK)
WKA World Champion  /  WKA European Champion

WKA World Championship (5 rounds – 3 min. each) Kickboxing S-Cruiserweight
Dominik Haselbeck (GER) vs. Marjan Kulizak (SVK)
WKA World Champion /   WKA AM World Champion

WKA World Championship (10 rounds – 2 min. each) Kickboxing Middleweight
Dr. Christine Theiss (GER) vs. Olja Zerajic (BiH)
WKA World Champion / WAKO World Champion

Superfight (5 rounds – 3 min. each) Kickboxing Heavyweight
Florian “Fist” Pavic (GER) vs.  Mighty Mo (USA)
WKA World Champion /    K1 Grand Prix Winner Hawaii and Las Vegas



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