Afolabi and Huck Battle to Draw


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Post Fight Press Conference and Interview with Ola Afolabi, May 5th 2012

Messehalle, Erfurt, May 5 – WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck and Britain’s Ola Afolabi gave boxing fans in Erfurt, Germany the fight of the night on Saturday when they boxed to a courageous and highly entertaining draw.

Both fighters gave everything they had in the tank and could barely stand by the time the bell rang to end round 12.  It looked as though Afolabi had done enough to unseat the tough German champion.  Despite landing more punches and looking clearly the better boxer, the final verdict was a majority draw.

“A draw in Germany is a win,” said a disappointed Afolabi after the fight.  “I knew what I was in for, coming out here.  I had to knock him out.  I thought I dropped him in the 2nd round but they didn’t call it a knock down.  I think anyone with any boxing experience would have given me that fight by two rounds.”

It is tough to argue against him.  The London-born challenger showed some great movement and consistently managed to get his jab through Huck’s guard during the first half of the bout.  He landed plenty of heavy blows with accuracy but Huck just seemed to absorb everything that Afolabi threw at him.

Marco Huck (left) and Ola Afolabi battled to a draw Saturday night. Photo: Mayger / Sport Eagle

Huck may not have showed any great evasive boxing manoeuvres but he certainly showed a resilience and heart that any good champion needs.  His explosive style was wild and crude-looking at times.  His flurry of power was predictable but nevertheless very difficult to deal with.  He won some of the later rounds to pull himself back into match.

“He’s not the best fighter in the world but he’s a good fighter,” Afolabi said of Huck.  “He makes what he has work, he’s rough around the edges but he makes it work so that’s kind of the definition of a good fighter.  But he knows if he fights out of Germany, he will lose.”

Afolabi keeps the interim champion title due to the fact he didn’t lose but what happens next?  Afolabi wasted no time in talking about a rematch and few would argue that he deserve one. “I think everyone here can agree that me and Marco Huck, Fritz Sdunek and Ulli Wegner, we have unfinished business.  We have to do it again.”  The immediate response from Huck’s promoter Wilfred Sauerland was that he is “sure of finding that solution.”

Having fought twice already against Huck in Germany, taking the fight to England next time is an option that Afolabi is very keen on.  “If we can get it done in England, that would be awesome,” he told Sport Eagle TV.

If a second rematch with Huck doesn’t materialise, there are a few others Afolabi has in his sights.  Polish WBC champion Krzysztof Wlodarczyk and Russia’s WBA interim title holder Denis Lebedev are two possible future opponents in the 200-pound division.

Ola Afolabi (90.3 kilos) and Marco Huck (90.0) stare down before their fight in Erfurt, Germany. Photo: Mayger/Sport Eagle

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