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Postpalast, Munich – No matter what anyone says, you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

On her 33rd birthday, kickboxing champion Dr. Christine Theiss knocked out French opponent Cathy Le-Mee in the fifth round to remain unbeaten in her career, and then proceeded to enjoy some birthday cake after with family and close friends.

In the first two rounds, both fighters seemed to feel each other out, yet were aggressive.  Le-Mee came in with an 18-0-0 record with eight knockouts, a formidable opponent and perhaps why Theiss was careful.

At the beginning of the third, Theiss went on the offensive, landing punches that startled Le-Mee and she ended up on the mat.  She recovered and finished off the round.

Repeated action at the beginning of the fourth, but Theiss’ combinations were landing harder and faster.  Le-Mee could not counter, only trying to keep the German champ away with her leg.

Finally, Theiss laid down the hammer in the fifth.  A flurry of punches were exchange by both fighters, Le-Mee looked like she would make it a fight, but Theiss won the exchanged, once again laying Le-Mee on the mat.  The referee allowed Le-Mee to catch her breath and gather her bearings.

In the following exchanges, Theiss was relentless, smelling blood in the ring and went after Le-Mee, who was now spent.  The referee called it, and Theiss was able to give herself the ultimate birthday present – a victory.  

It was her 14th knockout in 38 fights.

Sport Eagle TV Postgame – Steko’s Fight Night with Dr. Christine Theiss




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