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The Cowboys’ Ryan Newell could not keep up with Markihe Anderson and the Mercenaries. Photo: Sport Eagle

GFL Final Marburg Mercenaries 34, Munich Cowboys 13

Dante Stadium, August 25 – Although Munich has a total of six injured players it did not stop them from trying their hardest to win on Homecoming Day. In the first quarter Munich’s  Maximilian Macek picked off a pass in the red zone from the Mercenaries QB Joachim Ulrich to rob them of a chance to start the game in the lead. 

Unfortunately for Munich, they could not cash in and were forced to punt. Afterwards the Ulrich would find wide receiver Matthew Shepherd for a touchdown, making it 6-0, the extra point try hit the left post. The Cowboys had several offensive drives that were indicative of a top team but Munich could not hold the intensity and were not able to score a touchdown in the first quarter.

With 9:08 left in the second quarter, Munich managed to tie the game at 6-6 with their best offensive drive of the entire game. The Mercenaries would not let Munich hold the lead for long when their running back Eddie Vachon managed to slip through their defense and run the ball for a 79 yard touchdown with 8:46 left in the half.

The Mercenaries took back the lead 13-7 and never trailed after that. Munich had a great opportunity to tie the game again when Phillip Vinzenz caught a long pass and was brought down at the twenty yard line. The Mercenaries’ defense managed to hold them at the fifteen yard line forcing Munich to try for a field goal. This is when things started turning south for Munich.

The holder did not catch the ball, which in turn forced the kicker to recover the ball and try to pass it for a touchdown. The kicker then decided to kick the ball while running from the Mercenaries’ defense. The failed attempt at saving the bad play ended up in the Mercenaries starting on the thirty-one yard line. Marburg would not lose steam and Matthew Shepherd would catch a 43 yard pass to make it 20-6 with 3:57 left in the first half.

With 8:12 left in the third quarter the Mercenaries’ Vachon ran the ball for 18 yards to paydirt for a 27-6. Munich would manage to put some more points on the board when the quarterback Patrick Carey managed to jump over the pile of defensive lineman and just barely cross the line to make a touchdown, cutting their deficit to 27-13 with 5:15 left in the third.

The Mercenaries would score one more time in the third quarter when Ullrich passed to Rocky Ciasulli for an 11 yard touchdown catch, icing the game at 34-13.  

Munich focused on the run throughout the game but but was more successful with the passing game, “We want to establish the run, we think we are good enough there but we cannot be completely committed to it,” said Coach James Craig.

The missing players seemed to have played a part in Munich’s loss. Although, heading into the last two games of the season Coach Craig thinks that it won’t affect the team as much as it did today, “We should be able to go back to what we feel comfortable doing especially defensively.”

The Cowboys fall to 1-10-1 on the season, and will have to win at least one of their final two home games if they hope to stay in the top flight of the GFL.  Wiesbaden has 6 points, Saarland 5 points.  Munich host the Franken Knights on Saturday, September 1st, kickoff at 16:00 CET.  And they travel to Wiesbaden for the final game of the regular season on September 8th, against the Phantoms who beat Munich at home 26-13 back on June 2nd.

Three starters had prior commitments but are expected to be back for next weekend’s game. Nicolai Alter and Stephan Seidel did not play and will be out for the rest of the season due to injuries.

Marburg return home to host Saarland on Sunday, September 2nd before ending their season at the Franken Knights on September 9th.

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