Talking Fussball: Episode 56


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Join the Talking Fussball crew as Jon takes the reigns whilst being joined by James and Bernie in the M94.5 studios as they gather in the heart of Munich to revel in the splendour of FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund’s performances in the UEFA Champions League before breaking down to ups and downs of Matchday 31. Are we set for an all-German final at Europe’s top table? Should Jupp Heynckes protect some of his stars? Can Schalke clinch fourth place and who are the favourites to survive the drop in the Bundesliga? All this and much more on Episode 56 of Talking Fussball!

DISCLAIMER: The last seven minutes of Talking Fussball Episode 56 were lost due to a corrupt file. We apologise for the error and hope you enjoy the hour of Talking Fussball provided. Trust us you didn’t miss much we had covered the main points!

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