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Bayern dismiss Bauermann under a blanket of silence and closed doors

Audi Dome, Munich, September 27 – It came as a surprise when the FC Bayern Munich Basketball announced in Thursday afternoon that they are going to start the Beko BBL season without head coach Dirk Bauermann.

At noon earlier in the day was the regular press conference before the weekend’s game. Everything seemed to be settled for the preseason friendly on Saturday against Panathinaikos Athens. Bauermann even stated that Bayern’s team spirit is good and that they’re going to work on their deficits.

There was no hint of what was to happen in the afternoon. Bauermann talked about the season goals that Bayern at least wants to reach the playoffs and that they of course want to be in the competition for the league title. He seemed to be totally focused on the first season games and on working with his team.

The way Bauermann spoke suggests that he did not know what was to come later that afternoon.

Around 5 p.m. a press release was sent by the Bayern Basketball press department, announcing that the club has relieved Bauermann of his duties and assistant coach Yannis Christopoulus will lead the team into the new season.

Voices say that there is a likely chance that Svetislav Pesic, current national coach of the German basketball team, might be the designated successor.  His son Marco is the general manager of FC Bayern Basketball.

A reason was not given to the dismissal. Other press sources stated that there was a lack of discipline within the team and the management was not happy about that, referring to a group of players going out after a pre-season friendly in Berlin without permission.

At the Audi Dome in Munich, nobody was willing to talk to the press. The staff and the management of the FC Bayern Basketball talked behind closed doors and gates. Reporters were asked to leave the arena and to return for a press conference tomorrow.

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